First off, gambling where you bet on the outcome of a sport or game with fixed odds means it is very unlikely you will win in the long run. However with a solid understanding of maths, probability and taking advantages of sign up bonuses there are a few ways to make money from gambling companies in the short term. You need to forget about gambling to try to win it big on the lottery, slot, roulette or bingo. Yes there is a chance, but realistically it is so unlikely that you can write it off as impossible. You may as well put your money in a jar every week and at the end of the year you will actually have something to show for it.

Most of these ways will make you money if done correctly. Some are more risky than others so make sure you fully understand what you are doing before you start. If you have any questions you can contact us

Counting cards at Blackjack – Takes a lot of practice and bankroll to be effective.

Taking advantage of sign up bonuses  – Gambling companies will offer you cash or bets to join them.

Roulette system – Only really to be used one off for quick money.

Playing Bingo for free – By playing for free you never risk anything.

Entering competitions – Enter as many free competitions as you can, including our weekly free comp.

Playing Poker – A skill game against other players where the best player wins in the long run.

Ongoing promotions – Gambling site run regular money back and free bet promotions. Take advantage of all of them.

Top Tip

Just to re-emphasise gambling is generally going to lose you money. The longer you play the more you are going to lose. By sticking to the above methods, it is possible to make money but it is important to not lose self control. Gambling addiction is destructive to not only your finances but also your health and personal relationships. If you feel your gambling may be getting out of control visit GamCare